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The Sims 4 : Expansion Packs

by Mia
the sims 4 expansion packs

The Sims 4 : Expansion Packs

  • The Sims 4: Get to Work
  • The Sims 4: Get Together
  • The Sims 4: City Living
  • The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs
  • The Sims 4: Seasons
  • The Sims 4: Get Famous
  • The Sims 4: Island Living
  • The Sims 4: Discover University
  • The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle
  • The Sims 4: Snowy Escape
  • The Sims 4: Cottage Living

The Sims know there’s always more to life. Expand your game & take your Sims on new experiences through bustling cities, exciting careers & more.

Get to WorkPC:NA: March 31, 2015EU: April 2, 2015Console:WW: March 20, 2018Allows Sims to run their own business and introduces three active careers: Doctor, Detective, and Scientist, and adds the world of Magnolia Promenade, with 4 retail lots.
Get TogetherPC NA: December 8, 2015EU: December 10, 2015Console:WW: September 11, 2018The pack focuses on socializing, partying, creating and managing clubs, along with a European-inspired world named Windenburg.
City LivingPC:NA: November 1, 2016EU: November 3, 2016Console:WW: November 14, 2017Introduces a city world named San Myshuno and allows Sims to rent apartments, sing karaoke, and go to festivals
Cats & DogsPC:WW: November 10, 2017Console:WW: July 31, 2018Allows Sims to own cats and dogs, along with the ability to build and manage vet clinics. It adds a world named Brindleton Bay.
SeasonsPC:WW: June 22, 2018Console:WW: November 13, 2018Adds weather, seasons, holidays and a new botanist profession.
Get FamousPC:WW: November 16, 2018Console:WW: February 12, 2019Adds a celebrity system, an acting career and a new world catered towards filmmaking and famous Sims. Adds a world named Del Sol Valley, inspired by Los Angeles and Hollywood.
Island LivingPC:WW: June 21, 2019Console:WW: July 16, 2019The pack focuses on relaxation, island life, exploring the ocean in many ways, enjoying various beach activities, and reintroduces mermaids as a playable life state.
Discover UniversityPC:WW: November 15, 2019Console:WW: December 17, 2019Re-introduces the college experience to the game, and adds robots, roommates, new careers, and the new campus world of Britechester, where two rival universities are located
Eco LifestyleWW: June 5, 2020The pack focuses on sustainability, sustainable living, renewable energy and crafting.
Snowy EscapeWW: November 13, 2020Introduces winter-based activities in a Japanese-based world named Mt. Komorebi.
Cottage LivingWW: July 22, 2021The pack focuses on country life, farming and various farm animals, along with an England-inspired rural world named Henford-on-Bagley.

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