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First Impressions by Lumpinou

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First Impressions by Lumpinou

First Impressions by Lumpinou It makes it so that when Sims meet for the First time, they’ll develop First Impressions towards each other. The first impressions are visible as sentiments in the Sim Profile’s relationship panel. If we want realism, not all Sims should get along with every Sim right off the bat all the time! This mod is there to change that Sims get first impressions on each other based on their own trait and the other sim’s traits, so it is never just random!

Examples: – a cheerful Sim could likely be seen as ‘annoying’ by a loner or mean Sim, whereas an Outgoing, Bro or Good sim is more likely to see them as good company! – a Loner sim could be seen as capable & independent (more likely judgment from similar personalities or positive sims), or as cold and distant (more likely for sims who are warm, people persons!) – a snob sim is more likely to find a childish sim to be immature, whereas a goofball sim will probably find them funny, a good sim might find them imaginative, etc etc.

Disclaimer: Note that this mod has a positive and a negative counterpart to everything! No trait can be judged only negatively. This is all in good fun and not meant to promote being judgemental or mean. In the Sims, mean Sims occasional rejoice about the demise of others, so I believe this fits in. But just as a disclaimer, know that I advocate only respect between everyone. Our differences enrich us, and what one person sees as annoying, another will love. This is on this concept of point of view VS hard truth that I built this mod – making impressions points of view and certainly not hard truths.

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