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Copperdale Public High

Looking for a new place for your teen to go to school? Fear not, Copperdale Public High might just be the place. With classes near each other, your teen will be able to spend less time walking and more time learning. The first floor has three classrooms: The first one is decorated for social studies, languages art, and foreign language; the second for business and math, and third for science. The 2nd floor has three classrooms: an art class, a computer science class, and an empty one for what ever you might wanna decorate. The basement has a workout room, club room, and music room. There is one room that is used for storage and is off-limits but will that really stop people from going there? Outside there are activities to do, you can paint murals around the school and even visit the garden as part of your science class. No custom content is needed for this lot. The DLC you will need are Get to Work, Discover University, Highschool Years, Growing Together and Stranger Ville. If you don’t have Strangerville, this build will be fine without it, as I used the breaker and the fence to make the parking lot.

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Credit : halfasianbanana

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